It is our mission to start an eco-community with the intention to live in harmony with nature.

Our mission

It is our mission to start an eco-community with the intention to live in harmony with nature. Everything we need we will produce within the community allowing us to live self-sufficiently using only that what we need. Everything will be recycled and used in such a way that it supports all life.

The community will also help humans by investing in the 3 human elements. Mind, Body and soul. These 3 elements play an important role in our lives and the more these are healed the more we feel good. We will build 3 buildings, 1 for each element. In each building courses shall be given to help with that specific element.

Everything we learn and discover we’ll share with the world through the Internet. We have a website with which we shall inform the rest of the world of our progress and allow people to ask us questions. We will invite people to come visit our community and teach everything we have learned and also learn from the people that visit us.

Key words for our community are Ecology, Harmony and Unity.

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New website design

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Crowdfunding project starting soon

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Crowdfunding video

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New website has started

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